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Polaris Sales Rep Van from 1972 with Allied Farm Equipment out of Winnipeg Manitoba

the only restored Tucker Sno-Cat I've heard of, and it made it into a snow mobile trail grooming magazine

1955 Bellanca Aerial Delivery Sled in the US Air Force's supply system

In 1955 the Bellanca Aircraft Corp. manufactured the aerial delivery sled for the US Air Force. The container was designated A-16 and had a National Stock Number (NSN 1670-00-234-8354).

The sled could be parachuted into a remote area and then could be easily towed due to its light weight. The sled was designed to be very light weight and was built from a magnesium alloy and weighs only 25 lbs. while measuring 21”wide x 14” high x 44” long.

The sled has a sealed top cover that is held in place with clamp latches. New, the sled cost between $1400 and $2200 and were eventually sold as surplus.

1972 Harley Davidson snowmobile, Harley-Davidson advertised the motors as “Harley’s Own” while in fact the motors were built by Aermacchi in Italy.

In 1971 Harley-Davidson entered the snowmobile market when between 80 and 100 units were manufactured for in-the-field testing. Harley-Davidson advertised the motors as “Harley’s Own” while in fact the motors were built by Aermacchi in Italy.

By 1972 production was up to 10,000 units. During this time span Harley’s parent company AMF moved the AMF snowmobile manufacturing facilities to the Harley-Davidson snowmobile manufacturing site at Oakcreek,WI. However, no more AMF snowmobiles were ever produced.

cool way to get your VW around to events

VWs in Brazil, cool photo

genius advertising at the airport: to promote the cool water of Beau Rivage’s tropical pool, using a baggage carousel at Gulfport-Biloxi intl airport, by the advertising Agency: Masterminds, USA

how does this even happen?

Biking around Lake Superior in a short blog, a quick read that's interesting and refreshing

they took 24 days, and you car read about in in about 24 minutes at but you have to go to the end of the pages and posts to get to the beginning of the trip

just another day on the So Cal freeways... it's known as the daily ladder, because so many construction and handy man trucks drop ladders on the freeways between jobs

reminds me of half the movies in the 80s

there's always something you've never seen or heard of before... a round wagon, the Moon Wagon, made by Big Boy Manufacturing in Burbank in 1969... even had a wheelie bar

Jeff is getting his GTX ready for final assembly

 bought from the original owner in 1981.

It will run a 440 stroker small block with Procharger F1-R, for about 1100hp, Tremec TKO 600, Stoptech brakes and XV Motorsports front suspension and a rear torque-arm suspension with coilovers. Rims are Forgeline wheels, model GA3C-SL, 19x10 and 20x12.5 and average around $1675

matte black paint on the roof instead of vinyl

and here's the art of what it's going to look like when finished.

very unexpectedly, I came across a WW2 tank with nose art just now

one important thing to keep in mind

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

where was this Monday?

Some hooning sports cars were pulled over by Canadian police in southern Ontario in April after other motorists phoned in complaints, leading to 12 stunt driving charges.

The collection of pricey cars, some of which were hauled away on tow trucks, included Ferraris, Porsches, and AMG Mercedes. One white Lamborghini was decked out in a Royal Canadian Air Force decal, another on the driver-side window read “Let me guess, license and registration?”

Several OPP detachments co-ordinated roadblocks on Highway 400 near Barrie, Ont., lying in wait to force the convoy to pull over at a service station. Those who were charged face seven-day driving suspensions and a minimum $2,000 fine.

“We had reports of some speeds over 150.” said Const. Randal Haddrall.

The 12 drivers were part of an extreme car enthusiast club called “North Face Rally.” A lawyer for the group suggested the claims about dangerous driving are overblown and that his clients were treated “aggressively” by police.

“They did get intercepted at the wrong place at the wrong time,” lawyer Amedeo DiCarlo told CP24. “I think what had happened is that some witnesses had called in about cars driving fast. I mean if you’re driving on the 400 doing 80 kilometres an hour and somebody passes by doing 110 and you see it’s a Lamborghini or Ferrari, right away ‘oh that guy’s speeding’ and you know they claim those as witnesses. Mind you there are no witnesses. Police are asking for witnesses.”

Fifteen drivers were officially charged with stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act on Friday.

The case will be back before a judge on Sept. 1.

pretty cool wall display

A train crash in eastern Philadelphia injured 42 people this morning, a passenger train slammed into a train that was parked at the 69th Street station in Upper Darby

According to the Southeastern Philadelphia Transportation Authority (SEPTA), two Norristown high-speed line trains were involved in the incident. The circumstances surrounding the accident weren't immediately clear. Upper Darby Mayor Thomas Micozzie says of the 33 people on the train, four people, including the train's conductor, were rushed to the hospital.

Heather Redfern, a representative for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, said a rapid prepare kept running into another that was stationary and vacant at the 69th Street Terminal in the city’s Upper Darby suburb.

And yet, there don't seem to be any photos of the train wreck, all the one's I've seen online are from last years Philly train wreck, or the many others in Philly in the past decade

There's leaving a note, and then there is slapping them stupid with public shame

just another "I've never seen this before, what the hell is it" license plate... Steve recognized it as a diplomats license plate

both of these were bought as is for 500 bucks, that has got to be a buddy discount

This is what you look like in the mirror of a Tractor-Trailer WITHOUT your lights on in the rain.

the majority of people know to turn on their lights when they are using their wipers, it's even a law in some states, but it might be something you'd like to show any novice drivers in your household.

questions were asked, the guilty were punished

for the VW bug owner that thinks they have all the accessories

Todays SALUTE to Lee Estens, recently awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her incredible commitment and dedication to helping others. She has raised more than $1 million for the Variety Bash Children's Charity

How starting a 1912 Cadillac, the 1st to have an electric starter, works

Thanks Doug!

Unicorns DO exist. I found one. A beautiful young woman who went out and bought a cool old car for no other reason than she loves old cars. Meet Chris, and her '72 Maverick, Holly

If Holly wasn’t your first choice, what was and why?

My first choice was not a Maverick, I had no idea this car actually existed. But I’ll get into that later. My dream car was a Chevy Nova. I was a freshman in high school and one day I was getting on the bus after school and when I looked out the window there it was. A shiny chrome silver. 5 star rims and two black stripes down the back. I was completely in love and I searched it quick before the bus took off for its name/model anything that could tell me what I had just fallen in love with. On the grill I saw the letters SS and on the side in the nicest font I’d ever seen on a car was the word Nova. I googled it as soon as I got home and from that day on I would tell everyone I was going to buy a Nova.

How did that hunt for that car go, and will you try for that car again someday?

 Finding a Nova was very difficult. Last summer I worked almost every day as a waitress (still working as a waitress) and since tips were good and I’m young – meaning not many bills for me since I still live at home – I saved every paycheck that summer and lived off my tips. The end of summer came and I had enough for a car. I searched everywhere online, even made somebody I knew with a Nova an offer to buy it. The results were negative. The ones that were in good shape were way more expensive than I thought they’d be and I wasn’t even close to that amount. The ones I could afford needed much work that I wouldn’t have the time or money for since I was returning to college that fall. I don’t forget this car though, and definitely plan to try again for it someday. Maybe I’ll be rich one day and I’ll get one exactly like the one I saw after school that day, it was perfect!

Was there a moment that had you think, I need to get a cool old car, and can you tell me what that was?

As a kid, my parents would take my brother and I to Chicano Park Day every time it came around. My family was there mostly for the food and music. But my eyes were glued to the cars. It was love at first sight. All the low riders with the shiny sparkly paint, just dripping off so smoothly. The motorcycles, the fast cars, even bicycles that were completely tricked out. I saw how they were all part of a group/club, and that was so awesome to me. It was eye candy I couldn’t get enough of. Then, I was around 13, we went to another family event where they had old muscle cars and low riders. And it happened. I heard one of the car owners rev their engine. That was the moment I knew I had to have one. I had to have a cool old car and I had to fix it. I had to make it my own and rev the engine.

How did you go from that 1st car you had in mind, to finding Holly?

Since I was not finding a Nova, I was still looking for a car, at this point any car, because I needed one to get to school. I currently had my first car that I had bought my first year of college. An old Nissan Maxima with 250k miles on it. Yeah, it was giving me hell. And someone offered me $800 for it. I guess they were more desperate than I was. I accepted and was car-less for a week.

Then one night I went on OfferUp and looked under the car section. I didn’t scroll far when I saw a post for a “1970 Ford Maverick - $4,000.” I saw the pictures and I fell in love once more. Like I stated before I had never seen a Maverick or knew about them! I clicked quick to read the description and realized it hadn’t been more than an hour since the owner posted it for sale. I was lucky!! I read the post about six times making sure I didn’t skip anything that said “isn’t running” or “needs motor” like the plethora of posts I had read before. Nope all clear!

 Runs smooth 110k miles on it, got it from an auction, hadn’t been moved for a long time because previous owner passed away. The current owner got it for his teenage son but he was misbehaving so there it was. Up for grabs. I contacted the owner in that moment and asked to see it ASAP. I had my dad contact him as well and act as another interested buyer asking to see it.

 Was your purchase a smooth experience, or was it an uphill battle to get the seller to come to terms? 

 When I got to the house the car was covered up and the unveiling was unbelievable. My dad checked under the hood, etc. I asked to drive it, it was perfect. Next question: take $3,500. for it? He was hesitant at first but I tried to explain the situation to him. Getting the car under my name was going to be costly because it had several fees on it that summed to more than $600. He thought for a minute then he shook my hand and deal!

Was your first day with your Maverick memorable? Did you have a thing planned for day one with your car?

Okay when I test drove Holly she was perfect; as soon as we hit the freeway it shut off. I was thinking the worst. Luckily my dad who was following me, recognized it was due to a dirty carburetor and we stopped for a cleaner at the nearest Pepboys. I was so happy to see it run smoothly after that but I wouldn’t have more time to spend with it, I had to go to work! I still remember that day however, I was so happy!

 Since you’ve been driving an old car, what’s the best or worst experience with it?

 No worst/bad experience, even when I’ve had to spend lots to fix things or spend some time on the side of the road. I absolutely love owning an old car and can’t complain. I’ve had so many awesome experiences with it, it’s hard to choose. Every day it’s something new. Something really memorable was having the owner of the Nova, the one I asked to buy, ask to buy my Maverick! It was my turn to say “Sorry, she’s not for sale.” Also, I park Holly right in front of the restaurant where I work and the glass walls allow me to see so many of my customers stop by in awe and take pictures of it! It’s amazing to me that when I was so young I would dream of these things happening to me, and now it’s real.

Are you changing the oil yourself or taking it in someplace? Have you had to do any other maintenance, and do you have a garage for that, or is it all simple things done in a parking lot? 

 My brother helps me change the oil and we luckily have a garage that we rent behind where I live so we can work on our cars. (His car is way newer but he upgrades it all on his own)

How many times a week do you get a thumbs up when out driving? 

 I would say about ten times a week I get a thumbs up while I’m out driving. And at least three times a week I get asked “Is that your car? Not your grandfathers’?”

Have you got a plan for a roadside assist? AAA, family? & have you needed to use it yet?

Instead of AAA, I have MMM. It’s the funniest thing. My dad’s name is Mario, my brother’s name is Mario, and our good family friend (mechanic) is named Mario. It’s been them all the way! 100%! My brother has been there every time my car has run out of gas (gas meter doesn’t work properly – am currently working on that) or when the battery died. My dad finds any part I’ve ever needed for the lowest price possible for me. For anything else, our mechanic family friend has been there to help/install new parts.

 Did you get advice about buying an old car from anyone or any online source?

 I absolutely got no advice for buying an old car because nobody believed an old car would be a good buy/smart purchase. Especially for a young girl like me that gets her nails done every other week.

What advice do you have for anyone else getting their first old car? 

 My advice would be this: If you are getting your first old car you have to be really into it / in love with it; because unless you are rich and can get it fixed up so easily, it’s going to be hard work, sweat, and tears.

 Do you have an intention of upgrading your car, or intend to leave it mostly the same and continue to use it as a commuter? 

 For now I plan on dropping her a tiny bit, putting new wheels/rims and a good sound system. Maybe upgrade the lights if I have enough money. In the future I plan on a new motor and exhaust but of course I will have to save up for this.

Have you gotten more interested in Mavericks due to your car, or more into old cars?

 Of course! Since I found out about Mavericks I have been looking for them everywhere. I have only seen two in San Diego! I have to go online to see the rest. I like that they are just like the Mustangs but different exterior/shape.

 Have you, or do you plan on, bringing it to car cruises or car shows? 

 I have not taken it to any car shows but I definitely plan on it, once it is fixed how I envision it. It will be the best day ever for me because when I was growing up that’s all I would dream of.

 Have you had anyone offer to buy it from you yet? Are you going to keep it or sell it?

I get offers left and right, especially once they see she’s in great shape. So authentic in and out, and runs so smooth. But my answer will forever be the same: “Sorry, she’s not for sale!” Someone always stops me to say “I used to have one!” or “I used to own a 69 Ford, 72 Bel Air, etc”, and my thought is always: What do you mean you used to! Where is it!?

 Any joke, anecdote, praise for mechanic/fam, story about owning it? 

 Only thing I can think of when I think of Holly is how grateful I am. It used to be a dream that I didn’t see achievable at such a young age. She has given me confidence and although she is a car I find myself relating to her a lot. She is simple and not a Lamborghini but she is authentic all the way! I can be having a bad day but as soon as I get to driving I get a big smile on my face. She is like a trademark of mine, because people will say “Chris? The girl with the Maverick?” and that is such an awesome feeling.