Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bud Ekins' work truck with his, and Steve McQueen's, desert racers. I bet it's lettered by Von Dutch. He worked for Bud at one time, and did a lot of work for Steve, but I've never seen anyone discuss this truck before

the lettering looks just like the work Von Dutch did on Bud's Triumph dealership

Photos by John Dominis, Time Magazine

and there you have every single photo of the Ekins shop truck I can find. 

So, did no one think to save that Von Dutch'd truck? Damn. Probably not. It was probably sold to someone who repainted it, then sent it to the junkyard in the 70s

Shrine of the Holy Grill, an oasis of Edsels

His first car was an Edsel, bought a month after production ceased, and the dealership wanted it gone so bad they knocked a 1/3rd off the price. It lasted 12 years and 120,000 miles, and then life got in the way until he restored it, won trophies with it, and started collecting more Edsels.

He found and purchased 1960 Edsel Serial Number One – a four-door hardtop coincidentally painted the same Sahara Beige as his first four-door sedan. A lot of the his cars are low-mileage originals, including a black ’58 Citation four-door hardtop that has clocked just 22,000 miles, and a ’59 Corsair two-door hardtop – red, with cream-yellow inserts and a white roof – showing just 16,300 miles

In 1994, Jim’s 1960 Ranger sedan – the first Edsel he ever purchased, 34 years before – earned a Grand National First Prize from the Antique Automobile Club of America. It was the first Edsel ever to be so honored.

Stiffspeed never disappoints, there is always cool cars to see, mostly race cars

the factory kit car / Mopar race cars of the 70s

a Conestoga wheel stander


Blackhawk Nugget tool boxes, first advertised in the 1930s, asking prices around 1800 dollars for complete sets, tool box in great condition

here is a fantastic display of one collection of each of the cool tool boxes of the two styles of Porta Power, and the middle bullet is the Nugget tool set, which clearly is smaller than the Porta Power

for empty and poor condition ones, various ebay sellers are holding their breath, hoping for 250.00 to 500.00. 

this one is on ebay, and at least has good condition and a set of SK sockets with Plumb and Proto wrenches. That's pretty cool, well, compared to an empty. Plumb and Proto are excellent tools, covered here on this blog years ago