Tuesday, January 23, 2018

great innovation/adaptation to a bed storage box for easy access to your tools!

never go to a garage sale on a motorbike

meanwhile in Russia, a drunk steals a tank from a paramilitary school to break into a store with armored windows to steal some wine

What the actual fuck... brand new Ford F250s have a death wobble over 65, and the dealership guy STATES it's NOT designed for speeds over 65

What would you do if you purchased a new 2017 Ford F250, with a $90k price tag, and it shook violently?

Then you take it back to Autonation Ford of Littleton, where you purchased it and an Autonation employee tells you they can't fix it and it's not designed to go over 65mph and you should have bought and F150?

Truck bought brand new this year. He was very upset after phone call and went down to pick up and discuss and ended up cussing out the manager at Autonation.

Manager called cops he was removed from dealership.

This was on the Tom Martino Show on radio 630KHOW AM in Denver on Jan 5th 2018

skip the first minute to see what this looks like when seeing the truck from the outside


Results are in for a comparison test of what is the better tool box drawer friction slide lube, beeswax, paraffin, or Door Ease

using equal lead weights, and 3 similar drawers in the same toolbox;

results; door ease is real easy to apply while I used a heat gun to help the paraffin and the bees wax. I noticed little drag on the beeswax but smelt the best when using heat to apply to slide. I notice very little to no difference between door ease and paraffin.

FYI, Doorease uses paraffin as a primary ingredient 

The Door Ease can be bought at hardware stores, or Amazon. About $8 to 10

The middle is paraffin and is cheap and can be found everywhere. That's half of the original bar and 3 come in a package.

The right is beeswax, again hardware stores

Results? paraffin probably the cheapest, easiest to find with about same results as the door ease.


It's lunchtime, so this is the most appropriate photo I can post before heading out for a slice of pizza; Beulah's Eat Shoppe in Chicago, 1949

this was what a trucker's rig looked like about eighty years ago

semi truck collisions, wrecks, and sinkholes

Chicago, late 1940s

Taken by Charles W. Cushman Photography

Charles Weever Cushman, amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus, bequeathed approximately 14,500 Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater. The photographs in this collection bridge a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries.


summer in the 1970s, photography of Paul McDonough

a variation of the shadetree mechanic, Finland, 1941

the Zauneel ducktail travel trailer, made by the Kaunitz family, father and son, pioneers in auto trailers using yacht construction methods, steam-bending elm. Bay City, Michigan

Bumblebee.. the next Transformers movie, takes place in 1987 with a VW Bug found in a junkyard

Hitting theaters in Dec 2018

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee seeks refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. Charlie, on the brink of turning 18 years old and trying to find her place in the world, soon discovers the battle-scarred and broken Bumblebee. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns that this is no ordinary yellow Volkswagen. Co-Starring John Cena


Monday, January 22, 2018

a dozen really old (over 50 yrs old) rear engined snow machines went on a 100 mile endurance run through the yoop, from Newberry to Naubinway, with old Polaris and Arctic Cats

people on new machines stop, and stare

vintage sled vids in high def

and skip the first 3 minutes of the next video below

1940s Eliason Motor Tobbogan

in the Kamaz truck, on the Dakar Rally

The most expensive car Ford ever sold up til 1940, this 1929 Lincoln Aero Phaeton

Bodied by LeBaron and used for the glamour car shows of 1929 and 30, such as the Paris Auto Salon, and the New York Grand Central Palace in the following spring, then at the conclusion of the New York show, the Lincoln was sent on a tour of the United States, with stops in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Los Angeles; San Francisco; and Seattle

At the Seattle show, it was sold to its first owner, the operator of a Washington state airline, for $10,000

It portrayed the aircraft theme in its wing-like front fenders and single tailfin.

According to the Tire Baron of Long Beach, this car in bare Aluminum took 4 days to polish

It won the Best Of Show at the 2017 Beverly Hills Concours, was shown at the 2013 Pebble beach, and will be in the LaJolla Concours this April 7th and 8th

if you think this is a bit odd, take a look at the 1927 Lincoln with the Judkins body http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2015/12/1927-lincoln-judkins-coaching-brougham.html


some people collect tool boxes... but as much space as they take up, and how little you'll use most of them except as decoration, I don't know why

something that takes up very little space, I get it. Something to pull out and enjoy, or a bunch of things on display for their looks and variety, or maybe a "I collected the whole set" type of accomplishment.

Or like tools, the more you have the better your choices are when you need to pick the best one to use. Or like expensive cars, they simple appreciate in value and eventually you profit.

But tool boxes? I don't think so. The market is sorta flat. Most are so mass manufactured they aren't uncommon, and the price isn't going to go up. Probably go down as fewer job involve using tools to build and repair

gospel on a street sign

todays wtf

Mouse hunt! Found 3 live ones and multiple food stashes (how do mice get into a daily driver? So many of them? With that much food?)

When you find the missing timing belt cover bolt... because it pops up of it's own accord

People who can't see the damn road because they won't miss a damn text... be warned, they are out there


fuzziest terminals I've ever seen

A snow sculpture made to trick the snow removal guys in Montreal, but gave the cops a laugh instead

Simon Laprise has sculpted a full-sized car replica out of snow to fool the snow removal guys.

"I am passionate about building and designing stuff," the 33-year-old Canadian woodworker from Montreal said. "I did the car to have fun expressing my creativity on that beautiful day."

It's illegal to park on the road during snow removal, and that's what probably attracted the police.

the police left a note saying "you made our night!!!" with a smiley face.


Salute of the Day! To Train Installations of Atlanta

For heading over to the kids hospital,  Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital, in Atlanta.


advice for southerners who are not experienced with driving in the snow

Santiago Chile car jackers thought they'd steal this Jeep grand Cherokee, the cop who owns it thought they were offering their legs for target practice

good train wreck advice you'll never use, nor remember in the minuscule chance that you ever could

Bill Shrewsberry in the LA Dart on the street in front of Keith Black's engine shop, giving a visiting Chrysler exec a wild ride. Photo by Jere Aldhadeff

If you didn't know, the LA Dart was a rear engine exhibition wheel stander

it had the engine and exhaust in a variety of locations

10 year old boy, before 6 am, gets his 1 yr old kid sister in the car, then drives off to visit his grandparents.

A ten-year-old Norwegian boy who drove his parents’ car into a snowy ditch offered an inventive excuse to police: he was a dwarf who had forgotten his driver’s license.

The boy – who lives near Dokka, a town 110kms (68 miles) north of Oslo – put his 18-month old sister into the car sometime before 6am, while his parents were still sleeping and set off to visit his grandparents in Valdres, about 60 kilometres away.

He drove more than 10 kilometres before veering off the road, where he was found by a snowplow driver who alerted police.

“The parents woke up and discovered that the children were missing and that someone had taken off with their car. They were pretty upset, as you can imagine,” said Christiansen.


some guy who wanted to enrage all the women in the world at one time with minimal effort

5th wheel adapter used to get GMC dualies delivered