Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Army Corporal, Roy Holtz of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle sidecar combination and supposedly being " the first Yank to enter Germany after WW1

On November 8, 1918, Ray Holtz was stationed with his Unit in Northern Belgium, near Spa, close to the German border, and as a Despatch Rider, Holtz was ordered to take an American Captain on a night reconnoitering mission, the weather was bad and in the pouring rain they took a wrong turn and got lost. In the distance they could see the lights from a farmhouse, and decided to get direction from the farmer. Without knowing, they had actually crossed the German border, and the farmhouse was occupied by German officers of the 5th Bavarian Division, who were as surprised to see the Americans, as the Americans were to see the Germans.

Ray Holzt and his Captain were treated as guests of the German officers, and were then held prisoner for just 3 days, and as soon as the Armistice was announced on November 11, they were released by the Germans and their Harley Davidson motorcycle combination was returned to them.

Shortly after, Corporal Holzt and his Captain found their way back to their Unit, which had reported them missing. In the days following the Armistice, Corporal Holtz and his Unit crossed the border with Germany back and forth many times, and Ray Holtz thinks that is when the photograph was probably taken.

Corporal Holtz was unaware of the photograph, until it was shown to him by an American newspaper reporter in June 1943.

This is a rare WW1 medallion, which was commissioned and presented by the Auxiliary Omnibus Companies' Association to London bus drivers who served on the Western Front with their buses.

 The medallion was issued in 1919, and was made by Fattorini & Sons, of Bradford.

King George V's Rolls Royce

An Army Service Corps ( ASC ) recruiting poster, illustrating the joy of driving along the open road

an Austin-Healey 100 used in a kitchen appliance and furniture

had it since 1984,was driving it in high school, managed to hang on to it through the tough times, and just waiting to get a bit wealthier to afford the paint and bodywork and parts

hand made Harley snowmobiles

and that fast I lost track of who posted these on facebook

Seems Mac Tools had a gold plated set of tools bonanza for their 50th anniversary

Walnut cases too

and Ebay has several sets of each. 

Rambo the golden retriever has drawn a stream of visitors to his home, in County Down, Northern Ireland, where he can often be seen riding on tractors

Chevy made a flip book souvenir for the 1969 "Walk In" station wagon

Someone cool made up some Plomb Tools WW2 era water slide decals for tool box restorations. They are USD$15.40 apiece

look them up on Ebay with "plomb tools

fyi, now the activists, agitators and protesters want us to boycott companies and products owned by corporate conglomerates that also make guns and ammo. I'm the opposite, I wonder if I could get a discount on anything they make with some free advertisement and endorsements?

I think I'm fairly well versed in biking (over 10k on my ol Raleigh 10 speed) and yet, I had no idea that so many bike brands are owned by big corporations

Giro, Bell, Camelbak, CoPilot, Blackburn, and other bike brands are owned by Vista Outdoor, a holding company who also owns gun products companies like Hoppes and Outers.

Hmmm,  if a woman wore Hoppes #9, would she need bodyguards with guns? Or would she get elected president?

American Eagle makes a wide variety of 22 ammo... I didn't even know there was subsonic 22 loads that are quieter. And hell, in 100 yards or less of target practice and varmint shooting, what difference is it going to make if the bullet gets there a mm lower or a couple milliseconds slower?

Anyway, just things in the news I thought it was interesting to note and tell you about

Ford service and maintenance, where you're always welcome.

life isn't safe, stay alert

want to really thank your mechanic? Give him some 10mm sockets

winter Olympic synchronized plowing event

Hmm... it suddenly occurs to me that a lot of the bikers are spending a lot of time posting photos of coffee shops and selling clothing

Daisuke Kudou makes amazing models (Thanks Mario!)

I think they are going to be at that all day

What a good thing product placement can be for free advertising, especially in a franchise

mighty cool gate

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

the first-ever 427 Dana Camaro, a very incredible story

it was bought with a loan from a bank, which only went with it due to it getting insured, which was immediately cancelled because it was strictly race and not street.

So, the insurance agent lost it. He went to the dealership, who freaked out that now the state insurance commission was getting involved, they got ahold of the buyer, who was already upset that the car had been sold to him without oil.

Or, at least that's the story people are sticking to

So, they ate the cost of the car, and the buyer kept racing it. (See how implausible that is?)

The car never got titled by the 1st owner, went through a lot of changes and owners, and you can read the whole thing at Hot Rod, or, get a subscription to Muscle Car Review. Expensive but worth it.

Ariels are mighty low cars... will they make parking garage entry gates lower? I doubt it

in 1928 at Indianapolis, Leon Duray's Miler set a lap record of 124.02 mph that held for 9 years. In a 91 cu in supercharged inline 8 that Harry Miller just had to reduce in 1926 from 122cu in to meet AAA's new rules

They then took it to the Packard test track and set a closed course record of 148.2 mph and then went to Muroc (a dry lake used in the 1920s before it was closed to the public and El Mirage was chosen) and set a speed of 164 mph

the 91s were incredible until the rules were changed again by AAA, just 3 years later in 1929

Muroc is named after the Corum brothers of Rosamund of about 100 years ago, but the Air Force changed the name of the dry lake from Muroc to Rogers after a pilot who crashed there.

What it's like to be in a rig during a blizzard pile up, with kids, knowing that traffic will be slamming into you. This guy does really well at trying to keep the kids from freaking out

when traffic comes to a stop in front of you... get the hell off the road so people don't pile into the back of your vehicle

these would make terrific tool displays for a garage

and then for collectors looking for a cross over of great tool companies, there are the Craftsman tools made by Plomb

in the southern California traffic reports on radio and tv they refer to it as the daily ladder, as somewhere in every reporting area some contractor will drop a ladder on a freeway

you don't want to hit one with a small car or motorcycle.

never teach your own kids how to drive. You'll both be traumatized, and your car and garage will be wrecked, and maybe your marriage.

I tell you that drivers ed is the great untapped video market... this is where they need to make a tv show. Drivers ed instructors tell the stories and actors re-enact the scenes, just like those History Channel historical battle scenes

nice set of Plomb tools!

another guy is looking to make t-shirts to show his appreciation for Plomb tools

For anyone that isn't familiar with Plomb.... they were a tool company that made very high quality hand tools equal to, or better than Snap On, for earning a living with. Not a lot of flash and snappy looks to the tool boxes, but, since they had to change their name in 1947 to Proto you may not have heard of them, and if you see any, you immediately know those Plomb tools are at least 70 years old

How good were they? Vic Edelbrock's toolbox has nothing but Plomb

and when Ab Jenkins was at Bonneville setting world land speed record, he brought Plumb tools,

or the mechanic on his Duesenberg did, Augie Duesenberg. Now, really, who has ever made a better endorsement of a tool company than Vic Edelbrock and Augie Duesenberg?

But I've never seen a tool box tag like this before